Some Reflections after the Scholarship Presentation

I made a scholarship presentation last evening. There were 17 students presenting for this Comprehensive Scholarship, and I was lucky to be one of them.


However, I hardly thought I could get this opportunity when I clicked the applying button casually serveral days ago. When the counselor told me that I've made it to the presentation stage, I was really surprised.


But after I saw the student list , I realized that I was probably just "lucky" to get this opportunity. It seemed that many top students didn't even submit the application, while I happened to apply (just for fun), so I was involved.


In fact, though my grade was not bad, it's far from excellent. Maybe they chose me because I was versatile. I comforted myself. Such being the case, I started to prepare for the presentation.


I was the third student to make the presentation. After I finished it, I began to listen to other students' presentation. Then I was stunned.


Most of them did not only excel at academics, but also perform well in many other aspects like art, sports and social work. They had an ample amount of experience. I felt ashamed. Then I thought of one of my friend's words—"the gap between people enlarges hugely during college years". I was lost in thought.


I recalled my freshman year. Not so satisfying. No excellent grade, few social activities, poor time management... I was even kind of shiftless.


There definitely needs to be a change.

Let’s Encrypt: 让Certbot续期证书后重新加载Nginx

普通用户使用 Let's Encrypt 证书有 90 天有效期的限制,但通过 Certbot 可以实现证书的自动续期。不过,更新证书后必须重新加载 nginx 配置文件才能生效。遗憾的是,Certbot 的默认定时任务并没有包含重载配置文件的命令。


为了避免未重载配置文件导致的服务不可用,我们需要对 Certbot 任务配置文件做出修改。其位于 /etc/cron.d/certbot.



我们只需要将向最后一行命令末尾添加 --renew-hook "/etc/init.d/nginx reload" 即可。即:

--renew-hook 后面的命令会在每次成功续期证书后运行。此处即为重新加载 nginx 配置文件。