To my surprise, I want to write something in the stressful final weeks. But I don't want to post it on my Qzone or Moment, where there're too many acquaintances, and I also choose to write in English because I don't want to let too many take notice of it. I need a quiet place.


So here I am, at my blog. It has been nearly 5 years since I set up this website. I have to admit that sometimes I'm perplexed about the reason and the purpose of maintaining it. I'm not sure what my blog should be like. (Sharing programming experience? No, I'm just an amateur and am incapable of that. Sharing my daily life? No, I'm not so interested in it and I need to protect my privacy...) Few people come to see this website, and few are interested in what I did or what I wrote. It doesn't really matter, from another perspective, it makes my website a peaceful harbour for me, a secret zone.


Maybe I'll start writing posts about my thinkings and feelings later on. It doesn't matter if I don't have any reader. But I'll be very happy if someone has empathy with my posts.

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